Gist of GB Meeting held on 18th June 2017

Gist of GB Meeting held on 18th June 2017

The Gist of the SARE Residents ​General Body Meeting held on 18 June, 2017 at Club House​

1. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Lakshmanan, Vice-President.

2. Mr. Mohanraj and Mr. Mahadevan reported the steps taken on the pending issues after the last GB meeting and recent developments. Members appreciated the initiatives taken by the office bearers on various issues facing the residents.

3. The outcome of the meeting held on 13 May, 2017 between SARE Homes and SARE Squires was reported.

a. ​42 identified issues, covering all phases, were raised and understanding was reached on all the issues

b. ​The MoM was sent to SARE Homes for their Signature.​ They have accepted the draft but wanted to incorporate few points.

c. Association opinion on their points was sent and ​the MOM is still pending with SARE Homes, even after few reminders.​

d. It was also agreed to have the meeting every month. But despite our communication, ​SARE did not hold the meeting in June. In this regard a letter will be sent.​

4. The understanding reached in ​the separate Meeting held on the SECURITY ISSUES was reported.​ The signing of MoM for this meeting is also pending from SARE Homes side.

5. After the residents meeting with SARE Homes, improvements were observed in ​1. STP 2. STREET LIGHTS FUNCTIONING; 3. CLEANING OF SUMPS AND OVERHEAD TANKS and 4. SECURITY PERSONNEL INCREASED.​ However, majority of the issues are still not addressed, even after the expiry of the time limit, as agreed by SARE Homes.

6. It was decided to pursue all other pending issues with ​SARE Homes including opening a School, for which VELAMMAL INTERNATIONAL had given consent letter.​

7. ​Letter was sent to higher authorities of JLL specifically on STP issue.​ They were briefed by our representation on all issues and they have assured to have a complete audit on the entire maintenance work of JLL at the earliest. ​Letter will also be sent to pollution authorities.​

8. Earlier, it was mutually agreed that SARE Homes and our association would jointly represent the issue of the approved approach road and lights to the government authorities. But, SARE Homes went back from that understanding. In that back ground, it was decided that association will meet the authorities and pursue it.

9. It was decided to ​pursue the failure of SARE Homes in providing assured amenities and not giving possession of the flats of “M Block” to the owners, even after registration in 2015.​

10. The General Body also appreciated the protests lodged spontaneously on the issues of pasting the faulty defaulters list in Notice Board, non implementation of the revised bus timing; and disposing of sewage sediments in to the rain water drains in few STPs during the night time, in violation of earlier understanding.

11. The General Body ratified the co-option of Mr. S. Mahadevan, Mr. E. Devarajan and Mr. N. Mohanraj as President, Vice-President and Secretary respectively. The office bearers list will be sent to SARE.
12. Membership drive will be undertaken amongst all the owners who are residing here and outside.

13. Association will take initiatives for ​promoting sports, cultural, educational and various other activities in the interests of children, women, elders and other residents. Association will demand for allocation of appropriate place in CLUB HOUSE from SARE Homes for organising these activities. Mr.R.Viswanathan has been nominated as the coordinator.

14. A resolution was adopted unanimously condemning SARE for their attempts to disrupt this meeting by sending JLL persons to prevent the residents from attending this meeting on the plea of FMS defaulters and further by disconnecting the lights and air-conditioners. The SARE Homes management has no right to interfere in the internal affairs of the association. It was also decided to lodge protest with SARE Homes and prevail upon them to desist from such disruption activities, in future. The meeting also appreciated the spontaneous resistance exhibited by the residents.

15. Residents should bring their grievances on maintenance issue to the notice of JLL initially with a copy to SARE Squires and if it is not addressed in time, then the association will take up the same for further follow up.

16. Members are requested to provide their opinion / suggestion in the meeting or communicate the same to the office bearers of SARE Squires. Any member requires any clarification, he can always approach the office bearers.

17. Mr. E. Devarajan, Vice-President gave vote of thanks.

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