Minutes of the meeting 19th Mar 2017

Minutes of the meeting 19th Mar 2017

Minutes of the meeting held on 19th March 2017 at Club House, SARE Homes, Crescent Parc, Thiruporur.

The minutes of the previous General Body meeting dated 26th February 2017 has been disclosed and approved by the members.
Minutes of the meeting held on 19th March 2017 at Club House, SARE Homes, Crescent Parc, Thiruporur under the Presidentship of Dr. S. Mahadevan at 15.00 hours.


1. It is RESOLVED that the Revised Admission Fee of Rs 200/- and the Subscription Fee of Rs 50/- per month for the new members will come into effect from 1st April 2017 onwards and the defaulted old members can revive and continue their membership by remitting only the Subscription amount of new scheme.

2. It is RESOLVED that the Association appreciate the welcome move of SARE administration to conduct the Monthly Meeting ONCE IN A MONTH from April – 2017 according to our repeated requests instead of once in three months.

3. It is RESOLVED and conveyed our appreciation to SARE Administration for encouraging the residents to jointly work on identifying a standard Primary School to be set up within SARE Premises.

4. It is RESOLVED that the Association provides the consent to give the Representation regarding the approved Approach Road with Lighting facility to the Executive Officer, Thiruporur, panchayat.

5. It is RESOLVED that following representation shall be made to SARE administration through letters by Registered Post with Acknowledgment Due and by email:
a. To speed up the initiatives to approach the authorities and find the permanent solutions on war footing to remove /destroy the obstacles against the Approach Road with lighting facility and lay the same properly.
b. To take immediate action to relay all the Internal Roads with good quality.
c. To raise all the compound walls into at least THREE feet immediately, in addition to providing fencing for entire compound walls immediately.
d. To operate the existing STP system regularly and commission the STPs, for the remaining phases too.
e. To dispose the treated sewage water through the tanker Lorries.
f. All the Sewage Sumps and Water Sumps must be covered with wall to the height of at least THREE feet to stop mixing of both rain water and sump water one to other.
g. To ensure that the rain Water Harvesting Channels must be cleaned and not to be misused for draining sewage water.
h. To provide a minimum of 3 hydrology report from reputed Hydrologists (like IIT, Anna University etc.,) for the purpose of digging wells towards temporary measurement and find alternative and suitable solution for finding permanent Water Source.
i. To provide bore well with small motor pumps and water tank at ground level to each block (A,B,C etc.,) for emergency purpose.
j. To provide the Income and Expenditure details of Maintenance Amount for the past 3 years and every quarter going forward.
k. To provide the details of Corpus Fund and the Interest accumulated till date.
l. To restore adequate Security Guards to ensure 24/7 security with immediate effect. The Association strongly condemned the act of reducing the number of Security guards without any prior intimation and valid reasons.
m. To carry out rescheduling of buses with the consent of Association as it is not convenient to the commuters. The Association strongly condemned the act of rescheduling and reducing the number of shuttle services without any prior intimation and valid reasons.
n. To clean the Water Sump and Overhead Tanks (once in 3 months) regularly, according to the schedule, and it is to be started immediately and it should be informed to the residents.
o. To dispose the garbage every week.
p. To repair all the terrace doors and locked and the keys are to be handed over to the respective security offices.
q. To repair the Structural Defects and arrest all the water leakages with immediate effect.
r. To repair and rectify the water leakages in the windows of the corridors.
s. To ensure all the Electrical Components like lifts, lights in the common areas, are in working condition.
t. To reroute Diesel Generator power cables either underground or overhead.
u. To raise fuse boxes in the street light posts be raised to a standard height and keep the boxes closed. Subsequently all meter boxes are to be raised to a minimum height of 4 feet.
v. To provide compensation as to the electricity theft. It is to be based on the meter readings of the quarter between Dec 2016 and Jan/Feb 2017.
w. To provide the details of all the residents available till date to the Association.
x. To organize an All Owners Meeting immediately, so as to resolve the maintenance issues.
y. To provide Swings and Benches at each of the parks inside the premises.
z. To make alternative arrangements immediately to replace Estate Manager, SARE Homes and Maintenance Manager, JLL with immediate effect as their services are dissatisfied.
aa. To provide the extended club house for the usage of residents with immediate effect.

6. It is RESOLVED that all the above mentioned demands should be initiated immediately and completed by SARE administration. As such SARE administration should provide an acknowledgement of the above categorically and revert to the Association within one week from the receipt the letter. The Association strongly believes that all the demands mentioned above will be adhere to by SARE administration and will do the needful immediately. In case it is not responded within the prescribed time, it will be assumed that SARE has denied our genuine demands and not willing to fulfill the same. In such a case, the Association will move forward with the next course of actions then and there.


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